Discover our latest innovation in industrial ventilation. The new corrosion resistant centrifugal extractor fan model M-315, manufactured in polypropylene using a rotomoulding process.

Previously, the M-315 model required a more complex manufacturing process, resulting in higher costs and longer production times. In addition, its rectangular exhaust outlet required an additional conversion fitting.



The key improvements of the new model M-315 fan are notable:

  • 1.-Advanced Manufacturing: Thanks to the rotomoulding process, we achieved an efficient construction with evenly distributed polypropylene. This eliminates the need for additional handling, reduces production times and lowers costs.2.-Optimised Gas Outlet: The redesign of the gas outlet improves efficiency and functionality. We replaced the rectangular shape with a 315 mm diameter circular outlet designed to maximize air extraction, achieving improved circulation.3.-Easy Installation: The simplified design of the M-315 makes installation and maintenance easy, reducing operating costs and minimizing downtime.

Experience optimum performance in your exhaust air system with the new M-315 exhaust fan. For more details or to request a quote, please contact us.