Specialists in innovative solutions for anti-corrosion ventilation, gas purification and processing of technical plastics since 1963. An innovative range of products and services for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry that guarantees the utmost safety for people as well as environmental protection.

Quimipol’s beginnings

Quimipol founded in 1963 by Josep Blanch

EIn 1963, Josep Blanch Ferrer founded the company Quimipol in association with Poliglas and they began to work in the field of technical plastic manipulation and transformation. The company’s first site was in Carrer Sant Antoni Mª Claret in Barcelona. A team of eight people started to supply the chemical and pharmaceutical industries with fans, PVC vats and other equipment. Also in this early period, the photography and graphic arts sectors began to be a very important client for the company.


Expansion of the workforce

Thanks to the good work and efforts of the founder and his team, in 1973 Quimipol moved to larger premises in Barcelona. As customer orders grew, so did the number of employees, to allow the company to offer a local, high-quality service. It was at this point that Quimipol’s anti-corrosion fans began their journey to success.

New materials and products

Creation of the R+D department

It was a time of major technological breakthroughs in new materials. That is why, in 1983, the R&D department was created to develop products made from innovative materials such as PP, which increased the efficiency and performance of anti-corrosion fans.

Thanks to this research, the range of anti-corrosion fans was extended and the company also began to manufacture fume cupboards and extractor hoods. And the company went international.

An international company

Production diversification

Once again Quimipol needed more space, and the company moved to its current facilities of over 2,400m2, in Sant Adrià del Besós, to enable it to continue growing. The change enabled production diversification (numerical control) and the product range for the chemical industry was expanded to include fume cupboards, gas scrubbers and wet benches. Expanding markets.

A mission to innovate

Innovation as a goal

Quimipol’s specialisation in anti-corrosion fans and its close collaboration with manufacturers of laboratory furniture, developing extraction systems for their products, shows its commitment to the environment.

Today, with a consolidated position in the chemical industry market both nationally and internationally, always keeping products at the forefront, breaking into new markets and constant innovation is the company’s daily goal. As well as meeting the present and future needs of our customers.



Local, technical knowledge and quality

At QUIMIPOL we understand that service quality is a customer’s right, and as such, it must be an integral part of the people who make up our organisation. Likewise, an understanding of the organisation’s stakeholders, an analysis of the risks of not meeting their expectations, and preventing these same risks is ingrained in company policy.

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Our vocation for service based on vicinity, technical knowledge and quality, has led us to adopt a management model, certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and to implement a Quality Policy, which is based on the following principles:

  1. Understand and meet the needs and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders
  2. Apply the legal and regulatory requirements related to all stakeholders in the organisation
  3. Communicate to the client, as far in advance as possible, any incidents that may arise in the provision of the service, thus minimising the impact that these may have, as well as any risks that may affect the relevant stakeholders
  4. Strive for continuous improvement in the efficiency of our production and management processes, allowing us to be competitive in terms of our Quality – Price ratio
  5. Involve our staff and suppliers, with their contributions, to help us achieve Ongoing Improvement

As a consequence of this approach, our efforts are focused on various areas of action:

  • The ongoing improvement of the professional skills of our staff through annual training plans.
  • The ongoing improvement and technological innovation of our facilities to make them the most advanced in the sector.
  • The detection of improvement opportunities in our Management System, through periodic reviews that guarantee their constant adaptation and suitability to the demands of an increasingly competitive market and a constantly evolving environment.



We are committed to meeting all of our customers’ needs, including product, legal and regulatory requirements.

Partnership and proximity

We create and maintain sound, transparent professional relationships, in an environment of trust while constantly seeking added value.

Professionalism and respect

We work together to build a culture of inclusion based on trust and respect, being transparent, honest and direct in our dealings.

Flexibility and adaptability

We are resourceful and flexible, always adapting to the needs of our customers.


We collaborate effectively, always looking for more efficient ways to serve our customers.


We are committed to new ideas that add value.

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