Active carbon deodorisation equipment

Dry filtration systems using granular activated carbon

Our deodorisation units are tower-shaped devices made of plastic materials that are resistant to the most extreme corrosion conditions. The units are designed so that the air to be treated flows through them. They contain granular activated carbon, which has excellent properties for retaining a wide range of gases. The retention capacity of the absorbent materials can be up to %. Equipment with forced extraction by means of anticorrosive fans or passive systems.

These units are usually used for treating mercury vapours, heavy metals in gas form, acidic gases in general, volatile organic compounds, and odours.

Please contact us to discuss your particular case and find a comprehensive solution that suits your needs.

  • Equipment for flow rates from 100 to 7000m3/h.
  • Made entirely of polypropylene.
  • A wide range of accessories are available, including sample ports, regulation valves, outlet accessories, etc.

Industrial applications:

  • Water treatment
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food industry