Project ‘Seven Wet Benches’: Innovation for the Nanofabrication Laboratory at ICFO



Year: 2023/2024 Location: Castelldefels (Barcelona) Activity: Research / Optical Telecommunications

Quimipol celebrates the success of its ‘Seven Wet Benches’ project by delivering seven state-of-the-art wet benches and laboratory furniture to the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Castelldefels, Barcelona. This project, carried out in the iconic Mir-Puig Building (MPB), marks a milestone in the collaboration between Quimipol and ICFO.

Renowned for its excellence in research in optical sciences and technologies, ICFO has entrusted Quimipol to transform its nanofabrication laboratory. Specialized in optical telecommunications, remote sensing, sensors, and industrial photonics, the laboratory now features cutting-edge equipment designed and manufactured by Quimipol, including seven Wet Benches specifically tailored for semiconductors and anticorrosive laboratory furniture.


These seven wet benches, manufactured entirely in Polypropylene PP-H and Electroconductive Polypropylene PP-EL-s, stand out for their exceptional chemical resistance, making them ideal for microtechnology and semiconductor laboratories. They meet the highest standards and provide customized solutions to optimize laboratory efficiency.

Innovative features such as cascade baths with nitrogen agitation, microperforated work surfaces, automation of filling and draining systems, laminar flow, variable flow air/gas extraction, nitrogen and deionized water sprayers, compressed air, vacuum, and deionized water are part of this unique project.


The delivery of the ‘Seven Wet Benches’ project not only reaffirms Quimipol’s position as a leader in laboratory solutions but also contributes significantly to the improvement and modernization of the most important research laboratories. Discover how Quimipol can transform your laboratory with cutting-edge technology in semiconductors and wet benches. Let’s build the future of innovation together!